Frequently Ask Questions for NUCCA Care

  • How Do I Protect My Adjustment?

    Now that you have initiated NUCCA care, here are some helpful hints. Protecting your adjustment and understanding how to maintain it will speed your recovery, saving you time and money. The amount of care you receive is always up to you. Following your doctor’s recommendations, however, ensures the best results.

  • Do I really Need To Continue With Care?

    You have an important decision to make. Will you use chiropractic care as merely a temporary form of symptom relief? Or will you continue your care to maximize your health and prevent your problem from returning?

  • How Long Will It Take?

    YOU’RE THE DOCTOR It surprises people to learn that drugs and doctors don’t heal. They can’t form scar tissue, mend a broken bone or heal a cut. Only you can do that!

  • How Did I Get This Way?

    Shifting the Balance Accidents that tear loose ligaments that hold the spinal bones together create a weakness for the spine to misalign. Because of the close relationship between the spine and the nervous system, good spinal balance is critical for good health. If the head shifts, for any reason, our body will naturally compensate.

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