The NUCCA Method

In the beginning……

In 1941, Drs. John Grostic and Ralph Gregory from Michigan, joined together and collaborated to develop a more accurate biomechanic system of upper cervical corrrection. Their success eventually led others to join in their pursuit and they began conducting educational seminars.

Dr. Ralph Gregory formed the NUCCA organization in 1966 after Dr. Grostic’s death. The NUCCA organization was formed to conduct seminars and to do extensive research. Since its inception, NUCCA and its affiliate NUCCRA, the national Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research Association, have been instrumental in generating data on the cervical misalignment of the spine, the detrimental effects of this problem on the nervous system and how to correct it. NUCCA has helped thousands of people of all ages regain their health and wellness. Perhaps it can help you too.


NUCCA offers regular educational programs for doctors. This includes research updates and a certification program designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of practicing NUCCA doctors. Most take advantage of these programs on an ongoing basis.


The NUCCA organization supports a holistic approach to well being. You are encouraged to keep regular visits with your other health care providers, and information about alternatives for maintaining a healthy lifestyle are available from our doctor. Remember to ask questions. Health maintenance is important and the more you understand, the more successful you will be in achieving and maintaining good health.


Improving the practice of chiropractic by supporting research, education, and patient care and to advance, preserve, and perpetuate chiropractic as a healing art to the public, chiropractic, and other professions based upon the restoration principle, inclusive of all methods that reduce the subluxation complex misalignment factors, and which are based upon specific and acceptable principles of subluxation reduction.

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